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The possibility of replacing a missing tooth without damaging the other ones is the peak of dental success. Today, the implantology makes a part of modern day clinical dentistry. Many years of practice shows that implant placement is a  routine treatment that lasts for some thirty minutes, and is done with no pain after the local anesthetic is given. Implants solve the problem of missing one or more teeth, whereby the implant serves as anchor point for a prosthetic replacement.


When to opt for an implant:

- single missing tooth:
if a single tooth is missing, placement of an implant is the best solution, as in this case we save two adjacent teeth, which should be grinded away if a classic bridgework is done

- more missing teeth:
if more teeth are missing, implants serve as anchor points for bridgework

- all teeth are missing:
a fixed solution is implants supported bridgework; minimum 6-8 implants are placed into one jaw, before a circular bridgework is done

All the most modern methods are applied in the placement of implants: immediate placement, immediate loading, regeneration techniques. We use Nobel Biocare implants only. You receive a passport for implant, as the warranty of quality that is valid throughout the world!


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